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Monasteries of Fruska Gora national park

Explore Fruska Gora's serene monasteries, nestled amidst lush landscapes, embodying centuries of spi

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In 500 km2 wide area on Fruska Gora Mountain there are sixteen Serbian Orthodox monasteries, most of which are still active and inhabited. This unique cultural and historical area was determined as a cultural area of extreme significance for the Republic of Serbia in 1990 and it has been proposed to be included in the UNESCO world heritage list. All monasteries on Fruska Gora are bringing peace in heart and mind. Serbian culture respects all religions but it is very proud of old orthodox Christianity and respects sacred places. All monasteries are old and taken care of by monks who dedicated their lives to God. Visit, lighten a candle for good health or peace of the soul and buy organic honey, remedies made by monks. Talk to abbots and priests about the important persons who changed history of this place, discover secrets of frescos and iconography techniques and try to find out why Fruska Gora is considered a sacred mountain.

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