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Street art tour on wheels

Pedal through vibrant streets, explore urban art, discover hidden gems

  • 2 hours
  • Group size pricing
  • Ćirila i Metodija 60

Service Description

Street Art was always present in Novi Sad, however since 2017 it became a trademark of the city. Interesting chain of events led to the birth of a serious street art movement that converted many of the cities ugly empty walls into masterpieces. What happened? There was an old mural in the Gymnasium street in the center of Novi Sad. It represented the relationship between a man and powers that rule the world. Everybody loved it but everybody stopped paying attention to it, so one night some unknown perpetrators repainted it. Their act sent a shockwave through the art scene of Novi Sad causing the birth of a street art organisation by the name of “Chain Reaction”. Chain Reaction painted more than a dozen walls in the city, which very soon became iconic locations. Join us for the tour that will show you this works of art and explain you the story behind them. They are painted all over the city, so we will use bicycles, this will allow you to explore not only the city centre (several of them are in the centre) but also the neighbourhoods that give out special atmosphere and vibe. Get a feel of the spirit of Novi Sad through its street art. Bikes provided and bike lanes are available throughout the tour.

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